Department Introduction

Founded History

National Chi Nan University (NCNU) is located in central Taiwan and was established to achieve the goals of strengthening talent cultivation, enhancing the function of overseas Chinese education, balancing regional development, and promoting international academic exchanges. In order to meet the targets of national, school, and management development, the main educational objective of the Department of Banking and Finance is to cultivate financial professionals. Our department set up bachelor classes in 1999 and .master degree classes. 2002 to cultivate specialists in the financial field. While our department has been established for 22 years, at the beginning there were only three faculty members, which eventually expanded into a ten-member teaching team. Teachers are committed to teaching, research, service, and/or tutoring, providing great contributions to our department. The overall performance of the teachers is excellent, as their academic papers have been published in high-quality journals above A level when ranked by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology in the financial field. Our teaching team offers many internal and external services and counseling. Moreover, most graduates in our department are able to apply what they have learned and are mainly employed in the financial industry, firms’ corporate finance departments, and government bureaus.

In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan’s industry, the government has created a new economic project with “innovation, employment, and distribution” as its core values to pursuit sustainable development. Through the three strategies of “connecting the future, connecting the world, and connecting the local”, the government is committed to a fifty-two industry innovation plan. Our department belongs to the “Asia Silicon Valley” and “Digital Economy” categories of this project, being responsible for the task of assisting in cultivating financial professionals in national industries. Our department continues to maintain rigorous teaching, research, service, and counseling standards and is truly committed to fulfilling its educational goals.